2c Denomination in Letters Perf 12 Washington Franklin

US332 – 2¢ Washington TWO CENTS in Letters perf 12 Double-line Watermark

Watermark Check – You will need to check the watermark on this stamp.

Watermark Paper US Number
Double-line normal 332
Booklet Double-Line normal 332 bklt
Double-line "blue paper"  358
Single-line normal 375
Booklet Single-Line normal 375 bklt

The blue paper, US358, is actually a dull grayish paper. The stamp must be double-line watermarked. Fortunately, double-line watermarks are hard to miss, if you don’t see one the stamp is suspect. If you think your stamp is the blue paper variety, you should have it certified. The 1¢ and 2¢ blue papers are common enough that the certification cost may seemingly outweigh the resale value of the stamp, particularly if the stamp is faulty or poorly centered. Still, we would argue that all blue paper stamps be certified, if only for reference.

Once you have a reference copy, it is fairly easy to tell the blue papers from the regular stamps.

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