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1847us.com was designed to aid collectors in their identification of U.S. stamps. We are pleased that you have shown an interest in identifying your U.S. postage stamps by visiting this site.

How to Navigate 1847US.com

The menu bar at the top of the page provides links to major starting points in the site. The “Site Map” provides links to specific identifiers and notifies the reader of updates when a new identifier has been added. The “Classic U.S. 1847-1869” and “Bank Notes 1870-1890” links provide clickable images to take the reader directly to the stamp in question. This is probably the quickest way to identify 19th Century U.S. stamps for the beginner. The “Washington Franklins” link takes the reader to the Washington Franklin Home Page. These are considered by some to be the most difficult of the U.S. stamps, but by following the appropriate links the reader should have little difficulty in identifying the vast majority of these stamps. The “U.S. Postage Stamps By Year” link provides an alternate way of looking at our stamps and helps the reader understand the time-frame for the release of various issues. These pages include information regarding all postage stamps issued by the U.S. from 1847 through 1970. The “Literature” link directs the reader to a page that offers additional reading material.

The Glossary links provide short definitions and descriptions for alphabetized topics of interest and is well illustrated.

The Identifier links in the left-hand column takes the reader to specific issues and Series issued by the U.S. The U.S. Regular Issue identifiers provide detailed information, including varieties for each stamp design.

The “Search · All of 1847us” may be one of the more powerful features on the site. Enter the Cat. # number or the topic of the stamp in question and be directed to pages that discuss that stamp.

The middle column discusses projects that 1847us.com is currently working on as well as providing links to other sites that may prove of interest to a collector interesting in identifying their stamps.

The right-hand column provides links to articles discussing general topics of interest for U.S. collectors as well as links to specific areas in the study of the Washington Franklin issues.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you think about the site: email 1847us

Enjoy stamp collecting, it’s a great hobby.