Washington Head: Denomination in Numerals: 8¢: Perf 12

Scott 380 - 8¢ Washington perf 12 S/L Wmk 8¢ Washington HeadPerf 12

Watermark Check – You will need to check the watermark on this stamp, however all the perf 12 stamps were printed by the flat plate method and there is no need to check printing method unless the stamp is suspect.

Watermark Scott Number
double-line 337
double-line (blue
single-line 380

The 8¢ "blue paper" was never issued for general use. Only one pane escaped destruction and, according to Johl, only 90 copies of this pane of 100 are known, all unused. If you think your stamp is the blue paper variety, you must have the stamp certified. The 8¢ "blue paper" is one of the great rarities of 20th century U.S. postage stamps.

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