2c Perf 11 Flat Plate Washington Denomination in Numerals

US 499 - 2¢ Washington Perf 11 of 1917 US 500 - 2¢ Washington Perf 11 - Type Ia
Type I Type Ia

Type Check: The flat plate, perf 11 stamp can be either of two types, Type I or IA.

See also: Identification guide for the Flat Plate and Rotary 2¢ (Types: I and Ia)

Watermark Type US Number
single-line I 461
none I 499
none IA 500


The watermarked perf 11 stamp, US 461, is often faked or misidentified. Only an estimated 90,000 2¢ perf 11 watermarked stamps were issued and many of these were used for postage. Looking like the common stamp of the day, many were discarded. If you should run across a watermarked copy of the perf 11 stamp while sifting through a mixture of 2¢ Washingtons, the stamp should be treated with suspicion. A passable fake can be manufactured by perforating the imperforate single-line watermarked stock, US 409, since the design features (Type I), the watermark (single-line), and the printing methods (Flat Plate) are identical. As a matter of fact, US 461 was actually an experimental printing using the then current 11 gauge perforations on the imperforate (US 409) stock. In addition, attempts have been made to add a fake watermark to the unwatermarked stamp, US 499, by embossing the stamp.

The type Ia, US500, is occasionally faked by altering the type I design to look like the type Ia design. Both the watermarked and type Ia perf 11 stamps should be certified before buying or selling.

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