1c Perf 10 Coil Washington Franklin Postage Stamps

Scott 486 1¢ perf 10 vertical coil unwatermarked Scott 490 1¢ perf 10 horizontal coil unwatermarked
Perf 10 Horizontally
Vertical or Endwise Coil
Perf 10 Vertically
Horizontal or Sidewise Coil

Printing Method and Watermark Check – You must first determine if the stamp was printed using the flat plate or rotary press method. Note that no offset stamps were issued perf 10. If the 1¢ perf 10 coil is flat plate it does not need to be checked for watermark, it is single-line watermarked. However, if it is rotary press, you must determine if it has a watermark.

Coil Type Printing Method Watermark Size of Frame Scott Number
Perf 10 horizontally Flat Plate Single-line 18.5 x 22 mm 441
Perf 10 vertically Flat Plate Single-line 18.5 x 22 mm 443
Perf 10 horizontally Rotary Single-line at least 22.5 mm high (taller) 448
Perf 10 vertically Rotary Single-line at least 19.25 mm wide (wider) 452
Perf 10 horizontally Rotary none at least 22.5 mm high (taller) 486
Perf 10 vertically Rotary none at least 19.25 mm wide (wider) 490


The flat plate horizontal coil Scott 443 and the rotary vertical coil Scott 448 are sometimes faked, since the cost of certification outweighs the value of the stamp. The horizontal coil Scott 443 can be faked by trimming the common sheet stamp Scott 424 or adding perforations to the imperforate stamp Scott 408. The vertical rotary coil Scott 448 could possibly be manufactured from the perf 10 rotary sheet stamp by trimming the left and right margins, since the rotary sheet stamp is reasonably common and often well-centered with large margins. However, the fake would not have a watermark. Be sure your Scott 448 has a watermark!

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