1¢ Franklin Perf 12 Vertical Coil

1c Franklin Perforated 12 Horizontally
1c Franklin Perforated 12 Horizontally

Watermark Check: You will need to check the watermark on this stamp.

Scott Number Watermark May be faked by
trimming this stamp
Often faked by
adding perforations to this stamp
348 Double-line 331 343
385 Single-line 374 383


The 1¢ vertical coils, Scott 348 and Scott 385 are often faked. Both of these stamps are prime candidates for fakery, since they are in that gray area in which the cost of certification can often be more than the cost of the stamp. Particularly suspect are well-centered stamps. Although many fakes are made by trimming a fully perforated or a large margined straight edge copy of the sheet stamps, these fakes are easily recognized since they often measure less than the proper width of at least 21.5 mm.

The more dangerous fakes are made from the imperforate stamps, in this case Scott 343 and Scott 383, respectively. The perforations must be examined closely to guarantee authenticity.

See also Scott 352 and Scott 387

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