1c Franklin – Washington Franklin Postage Stamps

1¢ Franklin Head Denomination in Letters

Perf 12 Perf 12 Horizontal Coil Perf 8½ Vertical Coil Imperforate

Perforation Check
You will need to check the perforations and click on the appropriate perforation type.

Perf 12perforated 12 on at least 2 adjacent sides.
Perf 12 Vertical Coil  perforated 12 on the both the top and bottom.
Perf 12 Horizontal Coil perforated 12 on the both the left and right side.
Perf 8.5 Coils .
Imperforate .

Private Perforations – Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations on the 1¢ Franklins .

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